Bio of Shayne Brandel

Shayne BrandelShayne is an early career artist. Although born in Calgary, he considers himself a life long BC native. He grew up in Kelowna BC, eventually graduating with an honors BFA from OUC (UBC Okanagan) in 2000. He minored in drawing and sculpture, while exploring painting on his own. Shayne accomplished his first solo exhibition during his graduating year, and has been showing his work consistently from that point on. A Major shift has occurred in Shaynes recent work, as he has turned back to installation / sculptural work, as well as exploring with media mixing. Holding back from his successful commercial practice a bit, Brandel is stretching his practice into new realms.


Accretion: an increase by natural growth or by gradual external addition; growth in size or extent.

This body of work addresses the process of growth.

Surface - Mass

Personal – Artistic

Is growth an illusion? Is it possible for things, people or ideas to grow in any sort of permanent way? As an artist, I’d like to believe that by paying attention, observing my environment, and sharing the by-product of that observation that I can contribute to growth; both for myself, and my audience. The challenges lye in sustaining my focus while making the work, and holding my viewers attention long enough when showing the work.


Process over artifact.

Discussion over conclusion.

Continuity over history.

The fight against formulation has led to developing a process by which there is an inherent level of unpredictability: All of the surfaces around us have multiples of forces acting against them. Therefore they also must have a level of instability in their character. In order to represent this surface reality the artist must build a certain amount of unpredictability into their craft. The goal is always essence. Through identifying the essential characteristics in the chosen subject, a process of understanding begins.

To loose sight of oneself in the artwork is to fail.

Play, make a fool of yourself, love, and share. If you succeed, you will be making art.


On some level, I think that the goal for most artists is to represent reality, however subjective that reality may be. My personal interest in that representation lies within the ongoing fragmentation of reality, the process of the physical, and the ephemeral quality in which we take it all in. Objects, surfaces and forces we interact with are in a constant state of opposition.

Add - Take away
Action - Reaction
Order - Chaos

These are the processes I am trying to address in my surfaces. More often than not, the image (human, animal, nature) has little to do with my interest in the work. More over, most of the paintings are, to me, in a constant state of change. If I could, I would keep all of my work so that I could continue each of those processes indefinitely. However I chose instead to suspend each process, or at least slow it down, by hanging them to sell. In consequence my hope is that the viewer finds a snapshot of a larger evolution. If I succeed, some of these viewers will react by becoming conscious of the opposing forces within their own subjective reality. Possibly inspiring those viewers to create or influence those around them. Thus, continuing the evolution of each of these pieces long after they have left my studio.